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Dear juniors, seniors, and parents,

By now, you’ve likely seen the updates from the College Board regarding AP exams: given the situation with COVID-19, the purveyors of all things AP are adjusting the nature, length, and timing of their assessments.  This past Friday, they released some additional information.

As a result, I am addressing a few key issues, with the full understanding that we will continue to revise and perfect our approach as the next month unfolds.

I offer several reminders, courtesy of the College Board: 

  • All AP exams will be taken at home during the weeks of May 11-May 22.  I am including the link HERE to specific tests and their times.
  • All exams, with only a few noted exceptions, will last 45 minutes.  The noted exceptions include students with approved accommodations and those students completing AP portfolios.
  • The College Board has stated that they will grant approved accommodations; the time will be added to the online exam.
  • Students must monitor their time.
  • Anything written past the allotted time will not be scored.  
  • Late exams are for valid conflicts only; those requests must be approved by the College Board.
  • If students decide not to take an exam, the registration will become an unused exam; the $40 cancellation fee will be waived.

CA’s Commencement

Because the exams have shifted to the weeks of May 11-May 22, we will move Commencement to June 5.  Seniors will still be finished with their schoolwork on May 21.  As a corollary, we will collect senior computers between May 26 and June 4.  More information will be coming soon.

Schedule during AP exams

Typically, during the two weeks of AP exams, juniors and seniors usually have a lighter workload, and they are able to be excused at certain additional times prior to the tests.  We will again ask teachers of juniors and seniors to consider the workload during these two weeks.  Regarding scheduled free times, students are automatically excused from a class if they are taking an exam.  We will look at the larger schedule later this month, deciding about excused absences prior to the exams.

As well, later this month, the College Board will post the AP Exam Guide.  They have also done a good job of posting updates; feel free to visit their website at your leisure.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Robin Follet

Head of Upper School