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Hello CA Parents,

I do hope that you and your families are doing well. I joked in a video to the students yesterday that it has felt like 17 years since we moved to virtual instruction. While that was clearly an exaggeration, when looking back at some of the pictures from the beginning of the school year, it certainly feels like a LONG time ago that we were all together. 

I’m writing today with two purposes in mind:

  • To provide a one-stop shop to find some good information about the year just completed. 
  • To share timelines for sharing planning for next year. 

Let me start with the latter.

We continue to make good progress on planning for next school year, even though so much remains uncertain. Next week, I will hold a Town Hall during our regularly scheduled Wednesday, June 3 Leadership Lunch at 12pm. There will be no limit on numbers, and therefore no registration. In addition, we will record the session for folks who are unable to join live. The link to attend will come from Ali Page early next week. During that session, I will unpack some more detail regarding next school year – with a little thought exercise that might prove illuminating.  

On Thursday, June 4, I will write the weekly CA Curious blog that will cover some of the details from the webinar. You can find that in the CA Weekly email. Our next community update is planned for Friday, June 19, after faculty have had a chance to do the first wave of organizational planning. That will go out via a direct email from me. 

For details of our current planning, please see this website. This site can also be accessed through the “hamburger menu” of our website (far right, yellow box, three lines). And, yes, the hamburger can be meatless if you’d like. 

Where to find some other really good stuff about Cary Academy

I don’t know about you, but the switch to all virtual work as put a huge strain on my email inbox. Information is flowing so fast and furious that it can be hard to keep up. To help you out, I thought I’d share a few key links that might let you catch up on things you missed this spring. 

Our new public-facing website launched this spring, and we’ve relocated our CA Curious blogs. They first appear in the CA Weekly and give insight into the innerworkings of CA. To see how we’ve been using Dialogue to foster community, even at a distance, check out this entry from Danielle Johnson-Webb. If you want to understand how our planning next year is informed by our mission and vision, check out this entry from Heather Clarkson. 

We’ve had to create some new methods to celebrate our seniors this year. You don’t have to be a member of the Class of 2020 to join in the fun. Check out the comprehensive site here, even watch a bit of the live (now recorded) ceremony. The N&O ad, linked on the site, features pictures of all the seniors and all the wonderful colleges they will be attending in the fall. 

In case you missed it or need a reminder that we actually were on campus together this year, here is a link to the virtual ? The Magazine of Cary Academy that was released in April. That issue covered most of the second trimester.

Finally, I’ve been trying to lift the spirits of our students with a few videos attached to my daily emails, some of which you may have seen on our social media. Fair warning, one student deemed my humor “odd:” April Fool’s Day | Insiders’ Tour of CA | Charger Report Vol 1Vol 2Vol 3.

Finally, really this time, a HUGE thanks to those who stepped up in our spring CA Fund drive to support families in financial need and the campus adjustments needed to prepare for next fall. Here is a special thanks, featuring David Snively. 


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